CRM of the Destination

Influence the customer journey of millions of tourists, visitors and residents around the world thanks to the Smart Tourist Destinations.


The main players in tourism destinations (public and private companies) are already aware of the determining role that technology plays throughout the travel process of tourists. For this reason, the creation of an effective link of public-private collaboration, one that enriches the tourist’s experience of the destination, is essential. The key objectives are:
Meeting these objectives allows WIONGO to offer sponsors of the service (tourism foundations, media agencies, brands, public and private organisations) a precise measurement of their return on investment, resulting in total satisfaction and making the project completely sustainable.


Manage and exploit deployments of Wi-Fi and IoT infrastructures in tourism destinations, obtaining real-time analytics of urban mobility.


Obtain complete visibility of the tourist’s route through audience analysis based on Wi-Fi and IoT, without the user even connecting to the internet and/or in the case of connecting (provided by a quality, entirely free and unlimited access) obtain a complete demographic and interest profile thanks to interaction with social networks and/or Facebook/Google services, discovering behaviour patterns that lead to new business opportunities and allow the tourism strategy to be re-defined.


Connect the digital world to the physical world and analyse loyalty data (connection to network, repetition) based on Wi-Fi, together with survey data and interactions with information, gamification, augmented reality and/or contextual marketing campaigns provided by interconnection with the Wi-Fi network (via captive access portal to the service).


Influence tourist behaviour thanks to the exclusive communication channel that provides interconnection with the Wi-Fi network (via captive access portal to the service) and handling of information obtained (CRM of the DESTINATION) allowing subsequent PUSH communications (in the case of interaction with apps), and/or SMS, instant messaging using WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. (in the case of obtaining a mobile number) and/or vial MAIL marketing (in the case of mail opt-in obtained from the user by direct action or interaction with social login, Wi-Fi access with social networks), all in strict compliance with the latest GDPR regulations.